Guided sessions will bring your 2023 goals to life—one quarter at a time!

  Quarterly Themes  

Through our I*AM astrology system, you’ll understand your inner design in a whole new way.  Learning this brings instant clarity to your process and helps you to quickly make decisions that are right for you. Talk about a heavenly hack!



Design your year in manageable quarters

Sync with the stars to accomplish your goals

Make small moves that add up to big wins

Finally plan that trip, start exercising, date again...

Set healthy boundaries and prioritize yourself

Build that website, launch your practice, write your bio, record that podcast...

Love the process, not just the results

We’re the AstroTwins, 
Tali and Ophira Edut

We're the astrologers for ELLE and the founders of top horoscope site Astrostyle. We’re passionate about making astrology accessible so you can design a life that matches your soul. 

Over the past two decades, we've used astrology to build a 7-figure business. We've worked with celebrities and amazing brands, authored 15 books and developed a TV show for Prime Video. We can’t wait to share our best-kept secrets with you in our Launchpad membership program!

Stay excited as you bring your dream to life—
with the support of a cosmic community!

You'll get access to ALL THIS:

Quarterly live webinars 

A guided step-by-step companion workbook

A supportive Facebook group

Live coaching with Ophi & Tali

Transitions and Ignitions *replay available 
Jupiter in Aries, Saturn enters Pisces, Pluto enters Aquarius

Transitions ahead! As daily structures and relationships shift, it's also prime time to ignite your dreams. Launchpad Quarterly members will practice “microdosing” goals to get stalled missions off the ground. Launchpad Plus members learn our I*AM system for working with time, space and energy to create an environment that makes productivity easy and fun.




Do you have a project, business, or dream to get into orbit? Get coaching and actionable guidance that we’ve used to build a 7-figure business, write books and produce a TV show, collab with brands (HBO, Coach) and celebs including Emma Roberts and Elizabeth Gilbert.

Quarterly Planning
Sundays 1-3PM ET
Apr 16, Jul 9, and Oct 8

Monthly Incubators 
Wednesdays 1-3PM ET
May 3, Jun 7, Aug 2, Sep 13,
Nov 1, Dec 6

End-of-Year Celebration
Dec 10, 1-3PM ET

*Payment plans available 




Quarterly Planning
Sundays 1-3PM ET
Apr 16, Jul 9, and Oct 8

End-of-Year Celebration
Dec 10, 1-3PM ET


Apr 16, May 3, Jun 7, Jul 9, Aug 2, Sep 13, Oct 8, Nov 1, and Dec 6 (1-3PM ET)

End-of-Year Celebration: Dec 10, 1-3PM ET

LAUNCHPAD (quarterly)

Apr 16, Jun 9, and Oct 8 (1-3PM ET)

End-of-Year Celebration: Dec 10, 1-3 ET

What are the sessions dates?


Guided by The AstroTwins, astrologers for ELLE and founders of #1 astrology site Astrostyle

Stop hustling and build a life that’s a match for your soul

Use our I*AM
astrology system for effortless follow-through

Connect to fellow 
astrology lovers in a supportive community where your passions thrive

Launchpad will help you...

You’re too damn passionate to ever stop growing & evolving.

What is Launchpad?

In our Launchpad quarterly planning sessions, we guide you through the best possible timing to make your moves. You'll be ready to greet the cosmic weather in any condition. No more missing out on prime planetary opportunities—or getting tripped up by a retrograde or eclipse again!

Get inspired and create lasting connections with fellow "mystics on a mission," visionaries and spiritual entrepreneurs. 

Have fun with your process inside a safe, supportive and soul-centered community.

Launchpad is a yearlong “cosmic success incubator” where you'll bring your dreams into orbit and keep them soaring!


Meet at the start of each quarter as we guide you through the upcoming astrological transits so you can map your moves in time with the stars. Get tools and tips for applying the quarterly theme to your life, according to your I*AM astrology archetype.

*Payment plans available 


Launchpad is for you if...

You're tired of hustling and want to pursue your passions at the right pace for you

You love astrology AND self-development and want to work with both in one place

You're ready to prioritize your passions instead of letting your dreams get sidelined

You want to tap into astrology to help you make clear, confident decisions, aligned with divine timing and your birth chart

You thrive in a generous, supportive community of creators who cheer each other on

You want to give yourself permission to try new things—and to enjoy the experiment!

Your life is a savory blend of mystical and practical and you need both to feel whole

You’re ready to make a life change but you’re not sure how or when to start (help, AstroTwins!)

Influencer, Authority or Maven?

Are you an...

This system is the secret recipe for turning your struggles into superpowers with the magic of astrology! You no longer have to memorize your entire chart (unless, of course, you want to). We created an algorithm which takes 13 cosmic data points and finds your primary archetype: Influencer, Authority or Maven.  

This elegant system gets you in alignment with your truest, highest self, bringing contagious ease to everything from relationships to career to your personal brand.

Our I*AM astrology system is a cornerstone of Launchpad—and we can’t wait to share it with you!

We support our Launchpad members through it all!

It's like coming home to yourself so you can soar!

Master your inner design with astrology. We'll guide you!


Plan your year by the planets—we'll guide you!

A cosmic community for mystics on a mission

Yes! While we strongly encourage you to participate in the live sessions to get the most out of Launchpad, we know that life, work, family and other obligations happen.

All live sessions will be recorded with easy 24/7 access to the replays for the duration of your Launchpad subscription.

Are the sessions recorded for replay?

14 day money-back guarantee

Launchpad comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Members are eligible for refund up to 14 days after the first live quarterly session. 

Refund eligibility has a firm deadline. No refunds will be issued after February 19, 2023.

Please note that Launchpad and Launchpad Plus may be paid for in three installments

What is the refund policy?

Yes. Both Launchpad and Launchpad Plus can be paid for in full or in 3 interest-free installments.

Additionally, there is a monthly payment plan option for Launchpad Plus members!

If you opt for installments at checkout, please note that your payments will be spaced three weeks apart.

Payment 1: Due upon purchase
Payment 2: Due 3 weeks after purchase
Payment 3: Due 6 weeks after purchase 

Is there a payment plan?



Powerful Partnerships JULY 9
Venus retrograde, North Node enters Aries

What's going well in your partnerships and where is there room for improvement? Launchpad Quarterly members learn how to do a "relationship reset," timed by the stars. Launchpad Plus members will craft a hello statement and bio that will have people lining up to work and play with you!


New Paths to Prosperity APRIL 16
Jupiter enters Taurus, Eclipse season

Hustle culture is not the way! Launchpad Quarterly members reconnect to work and money in a nourishing, exhilarating way. Launchpad Plus members take a deeper cut at values, products and offerings. Learn how to "astro audit" yourself and dive into our Dolphin Tank—a kind and nurturing Shark Tank. 



Finish the Year Strong OCTOBER 8 & DECEMBER 10
Eclipse season, Pluto back in Capricorn, holiday Mercury retrograde

The final quarter of 2023 is filled with planetary plot twists, but that doesn't have to deter you from your goals! Launchpad Quarterly members will create a rock-solid game plan to finish the year strong. Launchpad Plus members learn the finer points of a killer presentation, from branding to marketing, social media and style. And we'll all celebrate our efforts together on December 10!


“Before working with the AstroTwins, my projects were passionate but kind of disoriented.”

AJ Williams

MAVEN, managing editor & spiritual multi-hyphenate

“I actually launched my first teaching course.”

Jess Mckeown

MAVEN, Spirit Baby Medium

“One of my biggest transformations was making space for myself.”

Angelina Millare

MAVEN, AI Fiction Writer, Technology Specialist


Want more of that in your life this year? Let us show you how!

Are you ready to build a life that matches your soul? We’ll guide you along your flight path, using our 20+ years as astrologers and spiritual entrepreneurs. It all happens in a safe, supportive community of "mystics on a mission!" No matter where you are in your process, you always need a Launchpad, so you can get things off the ground or secure a soft place to land.

Registration closes for the year on April 13, 2023




Quarterly Tier


*Payment plans available 




Monthly Tier


*Payment plans available 




A cosmic community for mystics on a mission






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